Identity Of Directors

Goutam Roychowdhury

He is one of the important playwright and director was initially attracted by theatre during student life. He made his debut as a playwright in 1980 and wrote a few numbers of short plays. His first full length play – NICHHAK BHUTER GOPPO NOY was based on Sunil Gangopadhyay‘s story. He has been associated with RITWIK since its inception and as a playwright and director. He dramatized R. N. Tagor’s STRIR POTRA in 1982, as a result of that production Goutam Roychowdhury and RITWIK got a remarkabl identity in the dias of Bengal Theatre.

Till the end of his life he was involved in directing plays for Ritwik. SIMACHAUHADDI, ATMABIMBA, VYAS, MEGHABATI, BHARAT PURAN, DESHODRAHI, CHATURANGA, ANTARANDAR, DAKGHAR, BISARJAN are the remarkable Production of RITWIK. He has also been playing a crucial role and actively cultivating the prospect of open air theatre. SAGARPARER RAJKANYA, JATUGRIHA, TIRISHE JANUARY, SAHARJADIR GOLPO are on the basis of the contemporary happenings and crisis. His creation VYAS gets a best production award in 2003 by the Paschim Banga Natya Academy. Attended many workshop and seminar by the Paschim Banga Natya Academy, and invited to deliver speech about Bengali Theatre by the Nepal committee of International Theatre Institute on 2006. He has died on 24th June 2011. But the activities of RITWIK did not cease. After Goutam Roychowdhury the baton has passed in the hands of his disciples. Thus RITWIK is living with a work of new director like Biplab Dey, who is working in this group for 20 years

Biplab Dey (b. 1972)

He did his Post graduation at Calcutta University. ‘Music’ and ‘Yatra’ were two main interests in his family. His father was a regular yatra actor. His inspiration to act came from there. His interest in theatre grew during University days; often through writing theatre-reviews and articles on theatre. In 1996,he joined RITWIK, Berhampore. He trained himself under the supervision of Bibhas Chakraborty, Usha Ganguly and other renowned theatre artists. He acted in plays like SEEMA CHOWHADDI, TIRISHE JANUARY, ATMABIMBA, BHARAT PURAN, BYAS, CHATURANGA, DESHODROHEE, MEGHOBOTI, FULOMOTI, JAGARON PALA, ANTAR ANDAR, DAKGHAR, DIBARATRIR KABYA etc. Now he has started directing plays like SESH RAKSHA, AADI RAJA, AANDHARE SURJO, JUTO and GHOSTS. He is involved in school theatre workshops for the last four years. His recent directorial venture, CHARAN GATHA is a result of that activity.

Biplab Dey
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