Ritwik in Abroad

Ritwik has participated in different prestigious theatre festivals outside India.

In 2004-April, Ritwik was invited to perform three productions Tirishe January,Saharjadir Galpo and Meghabati at Kathmandu(Nepal) by
‘Nepal Centre of International Theatre Institute’ and ‘Aarohan’.

2006-November, Ritwik was invited again with ‘Deshodrohi’ at Ibsen Theatre Festival (Organised by Aarohan Gurukul and Supported by
Nepal Centre of International Theatre Institute) at Kathmandu, Nepal.

2008-November, Aarohan Gurukul, Kathmandu, Nepal, invited the play “Fulomati”.

2008-February - Samay of Dhaka, Bangladesh, invited the play “Meghabati & Deshodrohi”.

2009-May, ‘Chaturanga’ and ‘Antar Andar’ invited by Prangone More of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2011-February, ‘Dakghar’ was performed in Bangladesh invited by Prangone More, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2012-November, ‘Sesh Raksha’ invited by Theatre Art Unit of Dhaka and Natyalok of Sirajganj, Bangladesh.

2015-June, ‘Aadi Raja’, ‘Dakghar’, ‘Antar Andar’ invited by Tirjak, Chittagong of Bangladesh.

2015 –September,‘Aadi Raja’ invited by Ganga-Jamuna Natya Parshad of Dhaka, Bangladesh.